Every material and structure needs regular maintenance and inspection to remain efficient. The roof is no exception as it is prone to damage from natural causes like rain, wind, animals, typhoons, and hurricanes. Chemical causes like acidic reaction, expiration of roofing materials, and human causes like pressure and friction also contribute to the roof’s deterioration.

Being an important part of your home structure, there is a need to carry out regular inspections, but what are the things to watch out for? Mold? Rot? A roof inspection can expose hidden cracks and dents and save you from future damages like roof collapse.

For homeowners interested in staying proactive and ensuring that their house stays in the best condition, here are 5 ways to get the most from your roof inspection.

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Devise a foolproof inspection plan

The roof is a large home component with steep sides and unevenness that might break upon further contact with the human force. Ensure you mark out areas to be inspected and major red flags to look out for when it comes to the roof inspection.

Start by mapping out the roofing structure, target the areas that are likely to get damaged upon human contact, note the joints and cleaves, and circle out the visibly worn-out parts.

Making a foolproof plan saves you from wandering around the roof, causing more damage, and leaving you more time to sort other plans.

You want to make sure that your roofing contractor is aware of the roof inspection plan you have laid out and that they are aware of the type of roof you have at the present moment.

Make Sure the Contractor Checks the Roof Surface

Ensure that the certified roofing professional will check the roof surface for the following:

Damaged and unhinged shingles: The roof covering is made from several elements and materials—often asphalt.

  • Shingles beautify the roof and protect it from damage; their direct contact with natural conditions causes them to wear out. Ensure that the roof replacement contractor knows that they are placed properly by looking out for curling or buckling shingles. Also, remind your roof replacement contractor to note shingles that have missing parts, bare spots, or missing granules.
  • Weak Roof ridges: Roof ridges are the roof tiles placed on the intersection of two sides of a roof. It is the roof’s highest point, thus making it prone to weakening. Ensure that the certified roofing inspectors account for the joining and intersection on the ridges are stable by inspecting the attached shingles for damage or broken mortar.

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Check beneath the roof

Remember that it is necessary to conduct an effective roof inspection in the Fort Pierce area by accounting for the area beneath the roof.

Check beneath the roof for the following:

  • Clogged roof gutter: Roof leakages are the major cause of a clogged roof gutter. Roof gutters are designed to transport rainwater from the roofing to the downspouts; they are installed beneath the roof to trap the trailing waters. Any damage or clogging on the gutters can cause leakages and overall damage to the entire roof, needing complete replacement. Ensure the gutters are checked and cleared of any buildup or blockage.
  • Rusting roof flashings: Roof flashings are galvanized metals, usually steel and aluminum, that protect the external roof walls from leakages. Since they are made from metals, they are prone to rust, holes, dents, and cracks, causing leakages inside your home. Note damaged flashings and make plans for replacement.
  • Fascia boards are long wooden boards that connect to the roof rafters and serve as a month to the gutters. Due to their wooden nature, they are prone to rot; ensure they are not in contact with any moisture.

Our roofing professionals have dealt with roof inspections for tile roofs and other types of roofs as well. Whether you are looking for roof inspections, roof repair, or a new roof, reach out to our roofing company today. Our roofing company has dealt with all different types of roofing materials.

roof inspection

roof inspection

Thanks to our many years in business, we know all about the entire process and can offer a free inspection that accounts for the roof’s condition and to help you save money over the long term.

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Check the Roof Decking

Here are the elements that you should pay attention to when calling for an inspection on the roof of your property.

The wooden decking: The roof decking sits between the interior of the home and the shingles. Although the arranged shingles protect their exterior, moisture can sleep through them causing rot, wet insulation, and mold growth.

Unlike most damaged parts that can be repaired, damaged roof decking needs to be replaced completely. Look out for signs of mold growth, leakages, mildew, unhinged shingles, and areas of rotten decking.

Roof Attic

The attic is the space between the roof and the highest room in the house. They are often overlooked and contain insulating equipment, vents, and fans.

They are prone to cracks which can lead to bigger issues and are often caused by water damage and wear and tear. Look out for strange light shining, mold growth, cracking, and chipping.

A Regular Roof Inspection On Your Property is the Preventative Step You Should Take For Best Results

Business and residential homeowners are advised to perform periodic checks, usually two times a year, on their roofs. Regular checks can help detect damages early, saving them from future damages and reducing costs in repairs.

Although roofs are known to last for 20 to 30 years, the roof’s age range varies and can begin to deteriorate early; inspection can help classify the range of damage and proffer whether maintenance or complete replacement is needed.

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