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Is Port St Lucie, Florida A Nice Place To Live?

From beaches to historic properties, the Sunshine State has a lot to offer not just visitors but residents as well. The community of Port Saint Lucie, Florida is no exception. Local attractions like beaches and parks, when added to a thriving economy and easy access to nearby metro areas, create a high quality of life for residents of Port St Lucie and surrounding communities like Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, FL. 

Port St Lucie, Florida Quality of Life

According to the 2010 US Census, Port St Lucie is the most populous city in the Florida county of the same name. Located along Interstate 95 between Miami and Orlando, the city is a transportation and commerce hub for the area. 

People who aren’t familiar with Florida’s Treasure Coast may not know why area residents enjoy this high quality of life. Let’s look at some of the local amenities that Port St Lucie, FL has to offer residents; factors include:

  • Beachfront properties
  • Historic homes and attractions 
  • High end resorts
  • Eclectic local and national brand shopping experiences
  • Fine dining with fresh, local ingredients
  • Protected greenspaces and nature centers
  • Public parks with beach access
  • Safe highways and public transportation
  • Opportunities for commercial growth

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Is Port St Lucie Expensive?

When looking to move to Florida’s Treasure Coast, you’d be rightfully concerned about the quality of life in communities like Port St Lucie, Vero Beach, and Fort Pierce. Because of access to beautiful beaches and local attractions, Port Saint Lucie, FL has this high quality of life.

What’s the Cost of Living in the Port St Lucie Area?

This high quality of life is often connected to a high cost of living, but the Port St Lucie area’s cost of living is in line with the national average. While transportation and health care costs are slightly higher than the national average, housing and goods cost about what they would in Florida or across the nation.

Are Properties in the Port St Lucie Area Expensive?

With this high quality of life, you’d imagine that properties in the Port St Lucie, FL area would be much more expensive than the national average. However, residential properties in and around Port Saint Lucie are right in line with the national average. If you’re thinking about becoming a resident of the area, you won’t pay an exorbitant price for the property.

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