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About Fort Pierce, Florida

Fort Pierce has a population of 41,590 and is often called the `Sunset City’. For the history buffs, there’s a lot to learn. The city has 14 historic districts and buildings. The Old Fort Pierce Park was built in 1848 and is the centerpiece of Indian culture dating back to 1000 years. Another historic place is Fort Piece. It was built in 1909 and is said to have haunted the original owner. Some guests have shared their ghostly encounters too. Other significant buildings include the Arcade Building and Crest Haven.

The National Navy UDT-Seal Museum offers a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about the elite arm of the military. It’s located on the original training grounds for Navy Combat Divers. The museum opened its doors in 1985 and achieved the national stature in 2007. It works as an education center for the Navy SEALS and has interactive exhibits. After that, visit the Moores Creek Bridge which is located North 2nd Street in Fort Pierce, Florida. It’s 46 feet long and is locally known as the Tickle Tummy Hill. This bridge was built in 1925 and connects downtown and waterfront districts. It’s one of the most notable concrete bridges in the city.

South of Florida, the West Palm Beach awaits you. It boasts of world-class culture, limitless outdoor adventures, gorgeous weather, entertainment, and shopping area. This is the idyllic place for those looking to catch some ocean breeze. In the evening you can enjoy some action at Sunrise Theater. It has 1200 seat capacity and presents national touring Broadway Shows, Comedy Acts, and Classic Rock icons. Within the theater complex, there’s a 220-seat Black Box Theater that offers local and regional programming.

At any given time, you’ll find plenty of entertainment activities like the Bike Night, Friday Festival, Farmer’s Market, and Jazz Market. While there’s so much to see in the city, you also have plenty of dining options. The best dining area is the Captain’s Galley Restaurant. This is a family-owned restaurant has been serving locals and visitors for over 34 years. They offer superior foods and excellent customer service. Other restaurants include Buoy, Chuck Seafood Restaurant, Captain Bob’s, and Krazyfish Sushi.

Making your Roof Last Longer in Fort Pierce, FL

While every property owner wants their roof to last forever, weather elements and other factors can cut short the roof’s life. Roof replacement costs average $35,000, an amount that can dent your savings. Proper care and timely maintenance can ensure your current roof stays strong and healthy, beyond the expected service life.


Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips

Here are practical roof maintenance tips that can help extend the lifespan of your roof in Fort Pierce, FL.

Hire a qualified roofer

Start by finding a competent roofer that can perform quality roof installations and proper roof repairs. A good roof contractor will perform flawless installations and thorough roof repairs on your metal panel or asphalt shingles, ensuring your residential roof stands the test of time. Experience, workmanship, and certification matter a lot. When looking for a roofer to install a new roof over your home, find a contractor that’s fully insured and has manufacturer’s certifications. These are good indications of their commitment to the craft.

A good roofer will not compromise on the choice of roofing materials or cut corners to save money. They will follow established roofing procedures and will complete the job to your satisfaction. Contact All Area Roofing for asphalt roofs and other roofing needs. We’re happy to help you create durable roofs.

Use durable roofing materials

Your choice of roofing material and components also determine how long your roofing system will last. If you’re building a new home, you want to make sure the roofer uses the best materials possible to make your roof last. Various roofing materials are available, and each has a different lifespan and price point.

Slate and metal roofs are two fantastic options. Metal can hold up well against snow, hailstorm, and high winds. A slate roof can also give you years of service, not to mention it looks beautiful from the outside. To ensure you get a roof that lasts long, find a local roofer that does expert installation as the slate roofs are delicate.

Inspect your roof each year

Unless you inspect your roof, you can’t tell whether something is off. Your roof can look good from the ground, but when you climb up or at a higher level and look at the roof, you’ll get a better view of the roof’s condition and shape. Look out for unusual dumps, dents or small holes, nails sticking out, lifted shingles, dips, or any other signs of potential roof damage.

Even the strongest roofs can be breached during heavy storms or traumatic events. In some cases, roof damage may not be visible unless someone that’s trained can examine the roof. A qualified roof inspector can help identify small problems before they turn into costly repairs or full-scale roof replacement down the road.

Keep snow and ice away

Snow and ice buildup can weigh down the roof, causing it to sag and fail before its time. Prolonged contact with these elements will also lower the temperature of your roofing materials.

This can cause materials to expand and contract, taking a toll on them. You can use a long-handed scrapper or a roof rake to dislodge the snow/ice from the roof. A salt-water solution can also help accelerate melt-offs.

Make roof maintenance a priority

The final piece of the puzzle in prolonging your roof’s lifespan is prioritizing roof maintenance. Once your asphalt roofing is complete, get in the habit of cleaning it and inspecting it at least twice a year (in spring and the fall).

Make sure the roof is clean and free of debris and leaf matter. Keep an eye out for moss and algae. Remove any moss on your roof shingles and unclog your gutters. Leaving debris and leaves to collect on your gutters can obstruct water flow. Moss can also weaken and ultimately damage your roof.

Cut low-hanging branches & old trees

If there are any nearby trees, make sure you trim overhanging branches or overgrown limbs to prevent them from causing roof damage in stormy weather. Cut down old, dying, or dead trees as they can become a safety hazard in a storm. There’s a risk that limbs can break, or the tree can fall on your property and cause extensive damage that will force you to do a roof replacement.

Maintain adequate insulation

Proper and adequate attic insulation isn’t just good for your money, but it also helps your home’s roof last longer. Without adequate insulation, indoor air can also become hot, and make shingles decay faster. Your existing roof will lose its effectiveness and may fall apart sooner than you expect. A professional roofer can help inspect the insulation and recommend a fix.

Check your attic’s vents

Take time to examine the attic vents that go to the outside of your home. Make sure the vents are clog-free and wide enough to allow air to move around. Proper ventilation can also prevent moisture damage and ensure the roof lasts for a long.

Perform timely roof repairs

Some roofing issues like minor leaks or dents can seem small at first. But over time, they can grow worse and cause lots of costly problems including water damage. So, don’t put off roof repairs. Contact All Area Roofing to fix repair damaged shingles, recaulk flashing, and fix loose or damaged gutters. Proper roof repair can add a couple more years to your roof’s life span and make maintenance a breeze.


Want to Install Shingle Roofing or Do a Roof Replacement? Contact Our Roofing Experts

A properly maintained roofing system can offer you a lifetime of service, keep energy costs down, and ensure your roof looks great all year round. Prioritizing maintenance and working with a qualified roofer can ensure you get full ROI.

All Area Roofing & Construction Inc is licensed to provide roof installation, roof repairs, maintenance, and roof replacement. We have skilled roofers and cutting-edge tools and follow the best practices in the roofing industry to ensure you get the best results with your shingle roof or metal roof.

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What Are the Most Common Roofing Materials in Fort Pierce, FL

Not every roof will work for every property, and the ideal type of roofing for your home or business will be determined by various factors.

For starters, there are different types of roofing for residential houses and commercial buildings. Since commercial buildings are often more significant in size and weight than residential structures, the roof must be able to sustain the extra overall weight.

Another important factor you must consider is the roofing material. Many homeowners in need of a new roof are often overwhelmed to hear that at least ten distinct roofing materials are used in the United States roofing industry alone. Understandably, the many different varieties of roofing available are often a cause of concern for them.

You’ll find that some roofs, such as clay or concrete tile, are best suited for hot climates in the south, while others, such as green roofs, help combat air and noise pollution in urban areas.


Types of Residential and Commercial Roofing Materials

To help you narrow down your choices, let’s look at the different types of roofing materials for both residential and commercial properties.


Asphalt Composite Shingles

Asphalt Composite Shingles

Asphalt composite shingles are the most used roofing material in the United States. They’re incredibly cost-effective and make an excellent investment for your residence. An asphalt shingle roof is more affordable than other materials and depending on weather conditions and proper maintenance, they can last for up to 20 years.

Furthermore, they are available in a variety of shapes and colors. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and can be chosen based on the color palette of your home’s exterior and landscaping. Choose between light and dark browns, dark and light greys, black, green, reddish-brown, and even blue-gray for a stunning backdrop to a green forest line.

Dimensional shingles,3-tab shingles, and luxury shingles are the three main types. 3-tab shingles are made up of a single layer that overlaps like shingles. They’re inexpensive and can create a dynamic look because of their granular appearance, which gives each shingle modest tone variations.

Dimensional Shingles are more robust and long-lasting, lasting up to 30 years or longer. Dimensional shingles, unlike 3-tab shingles, have two or three layers, making them exceptionally sturdy. Their three-dimensional appearance adds texture and patterns to the roof, and they are available in a variety of colors to complement a home.

Luxury asphalt shingles are a fantastic option that is less expensive to install and maintain. The multi-dimensional beauty of slate and cedar shingles is easily replicated with luxury shingles, which create texture, shadows, and depth.


Wooden Shingles or Shakes

Wooden Shingles

Natural wood shakes or shingles are a high-end roofing material alternative. They can last up to 50 years with proper care. Wood shakes and shingles, often composed of pine, cypress, cedar, or redwood, can be processed to be fire-resistant, prevent decay and decomposition, and deter insects.

The significant labor expenses connected with wood shakes are much more costly than other roofing materials. Not only is manufacturing time-consuming, with all of the cutting, staining, and protective sealants required, but the shingles must be set one by one, strategically, and this takes a long time and a lot of skill.

Despite being formed using the same materials, there is a distinction between shakes and shingles. For manufacture, shakes are split straight off the log and molded. The rough edge is frequently kept to keep the texture and unique rustic aesthetic. They have a unique shape, with one thicker end that tapers down into a wedge shape.

With their dynamic design, they add a lot more complexity to your roof, notably when layered together. On the other hand, shingles are sawn on both sides to ensure a uniform thickness and are installed overlapping one other.


Slate Roofs

Slate Roofs

Slate shingles are one of the longest-lasting roofing materials available, if not the longest. Slate shingles can survive for 100 years or more with relatively little care. That’s most likely why they’ve gained the moniker “forever roof.”

Slate is water- and fire-resistant, as well as aesthetically beautiful. You would have to change your roof (if of a different material) maybe three or four times before having to change your slate roof.

However, there are several disadvantages to having a slate roof. Because the shingles are quickly broken by force, hail is its deadliest enemy; thus, don’t install them in places where hail is expected.


Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs

Metal panels, stamped to look like slate or shingle roofs, are incredibly huge since they measure roughly 4 feet long.

Stone-coated steel, which is steel with an acrylic foundation into which stone is embedded, is another option. It’s resilient, and it’s a terrific way to cover up any dents or defaults. It may readily disguise defects due to its almost damaged appearance.

Specific metal panels with a flat reflective surface, on the other hand, will dent easily and will not hide it as well as stone-coated steel. Metal roofing comes in various profiles and gauges to suit varied residential and commercial roofing uses.


Concrete Tiles

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are excellent for hotter areas. They’re made from clay, but they have a metal core to make them durable. They are known for being incredibly durable and low-maintenance, capable of surviving even the harshest weather conditions that might emerge with humidity and high temperatures, just like traditional clay tile roofs.

Concrete tiles are bulky, and if your roofing contractor does not build your home to accommodate the extra weight, it might be challenging to install. Note that they have more design flexibility than clay tiles.

Solar Tiles

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar tiles resemble traditional shingled roofs but are entirely solar panels and shingles. Solar panels turn solar radiation into electricity, used to power your home or company. It is more common in southern and western areas, where there is more sunlight all year. Solar energy and solar roofing will be more effective in areas closer to the equator.

It’s a huge expenditure, but you’ll see a return on investment in the form of energy savings over time (often a very long time).


Looking for the Right Roofing Material for Your Property?

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing appropriate roofing materials for a sturdy roof system. A corporation or individual may be well on their way to acquiring a sturdy roof for years and years for residential and commercial roofing if they choose quality roofing materials.

After you’ve chosen the best materials for your property, you’ll need to hire a reputable contractor to install them properly. That’s where All Area Roofing comes in.

Having been in business for 25 years now serving the State of Florida, All Area Roofing is expert in roof installation or repair of different kinds of roofs. Feel free to give us a call today at 772-238-8136 for a professional roof inspection.

When do you need a roof inspection in Fort Pierce, FL

Like many essential parts of a home, roofs are also an integral part of a house. However, they are the most overlooked part of your regular repair and maintenance routine. We only pay attention to the roofs when there is leak, disruption, or any other problem which might hinder our everyday lives.

Of course, this is not the best strategy when it comes to your metal roof, asphalt shingle roof, or other type of roof options in the Fort Pierce, FL area.

Remember that whether it is a metal roof, an asphalt shingle roof, or another type of roof in the Fort Piece area, it is best to have roofing contractors conduct regular inspections.

It is true that roofs should surely be maintained and repaired over the course of their lifespan. This contributes to the longevity of your roof and prevents any hazards from happening. There are many incidents reported monthly and yearly when the roofs of the houses collapse due to lack of regular inspections.

Indeed, it is best to avoid significant roofing issues in the Fort Pierce area. Thankfully, you can get out in front of these issues by working with roofing services and learning about critical roof details to preserve your property.

Here are the reasons why your roofs in Fort Pierce should be inspected regularly in the right manner.

Weathering And Aging in Fort Pierce

Everything in this world is subjected to aging. However, things directly exposed to the environment are subjected to the process of weathering. There is a certain limit for your roofs; the roofs tend to crack after that time. Cracking itself gives rise to multiple problems. If water starts to infiltrate the cracks, it weakens your roofs’ strength.

The age for multi-ply bituminous low slope roofs is 20 to 30 years, while it is 12 to 15 years for single-ply roofs. Regular inspection of roofs ensures that the weathering and aging process is healed and controlled to prevent further issues.

If you are accounting for this factor in your Fort Pierce home, you would want to make sure to conduct metal roof inspections by roofing contractors at least once a year. Whether you reside in West Palm Beach or in Fort Pierce FL, you want to make sure that your account for damaged roof tiles or roof repairs as soon as possible to preserve the integrity of your property.

Damage Due To Natural Disasters

One of the reasons why damage is caused to your roofs is due to storms and hail storms. High winds, hail, and storms can contribute significant damage to your roof. Remember that rooftops should be inspected immediately after the hail and storm.

They should also be examined for any potential cracks because small disruptions can cause huge damage and require proper maintenance. Huge damages might also require whole roof replacement. However, other damages include tree climbers, branches falling on the roof, and the roof blowing off.

Leak Assessment

A leak is one of the potential signs of having problems with your roof. However, leaks develop much later and signify that the roof has been internally deteriorating for a long time.

You will surely need an experienced individual in Fort Pierce to diagnose a leak, as the source of moisture can be a far greater threat. In addition to this, one of the key places to diagnose a leak is a difference in elevation points, penetration, joints, and flashing.

Experienced roofing contractors will be able to look at your commercial building in Fort Pierce FL, and add the right roofing material or add a brand new roof in the Fort Pierce Fl area if necessary. Our team at All Area Roofing and Construction in Fort Pierce FL can help you save money as we focus on preventative care instead of doing so after more impacts occur within the home.

Our new construction professionals have found that preventative care in the Palm Bay area can help you to minimize the need for extensive roof repairs in the Fort Pierce FL area.

We have dealt with asphalt shingles and other types of materials in the Treasure Coast and Fort Pierce FL areas.

Proper Drainage

We have already discussed how water infiltrates rapidly into your roof. It makes its way, continues deterioration of the nearby area, and then produces a leak, a visual symptom of roof damage.

You need to ensure that your roof has a proper drainage system for water to move out without being penetrated. This is because standing or stagnant water can increase the chance of moisture infiltration.

Often objects are thrown away, such as herbs, shrubs, remnants of tree branches, and many other things, are likely to clog the drainage system, which obstructs water flow. Hence, you should clean your rooftop timely.

Standing water is quite risky as it can cause damage to your insulation and damage the internal roofing material too.

This is another reason why Fort Pierce FL residents will want to conduct roof inspections at least once a year.

Vegetative Damage

If you have gutters that are improperly placed or not maintained, then the flies feeding on them and the contaminated environment due to them can surely give rise to vegetation on your rooftop. In addition, birds will make their nests on the top, displacing seeds, growth of vegetation, contaminants and dirt accumulation, and tree branch remnants can surely clog your water drainage system.

Moreover, the roots might enormously grow and intervene in the gaps of your rooftop. Hence, you should get your rooftop timely inspected after you visualize any signs of growing vegetation at your rooftop.

Contamination Due To environment

Apart from the contamination caused by residue on your roof, the roof can also be contaminated by the environment. Bird droppings, dirt, debris, stones, and other environmental factors also contribute to the contamination of the rooftop.

This then clogs the drain of water and also weakens the building strength. This might show any visible signs of deterioration, but when cleaning your roof, you will notice yourself filling bins of dust and debris. Hence, get your rooftop cleaned and inspected repeatedly, so you do not have to go for deep cleaning when you face the problem.

You can get ahead of potential problems and may not have to reach out to your insurance company for massive repairs if you fix issues early on.

Safety And Security

One of the key issues you will face with unlocked roof hatches, and skylights are security issues. Thieves and robbers can easily get into your home. Opting for regular inspection will reveal security breaching areas in your roof.

Warranty Inspection

Some homeowners carry out roof inspections due to contractors’ or manufacturers’ roof warranty. There are many reasons for leaks, but only some are covered under the manufacturer’s roof warranty. In addition, considering the severity of the leakage, a person will file the inspection claim.

Buying And Selling Your Place

People often get a roof inspection done before buying or selling a place. This is because problems with a roof can greatly decrease the home value; hence, to maintain the cost, you should get your roof inspected before buying or selling a place.

In many cases, homeowners also replace the entire roof to increase the home value. The new roof enhances the overall appearance of your home, markets your home well, gets the buyer in confidence, and reduces the need for negotiations.

Work with Our Team At All Area Roofing and Construction Today For your Roofing Project

Conclusively, a roof inspection is necessary due to not one but many reasons. It contributes to your house’s internal safety, outlook, or well-being, enhances its market value, and attracts buyers.

In addition to this, you should always go for a roof inspection at least annually to ensure the safety of your place and the people living in it. Remember that problems with the roof create safety issues such as the roof’s collapse, leakage of stagnant water, water intervening into spaces giving rise to cracks in the roof.

Our team at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. is here to help you with your new roof needs and will make sure that it is in line with building codes in the Port St Lucie area. We have dealt with asphalt shingles and have implemented new roof material for a wide variety of homes in Vero Beach, Port St Lucie, and other areas.

We are pleased to provide service to more commercial and residential clients in the Fort Pierce area.

Our team differentiates from other new roof companies in Port Saint Lucie or other surrounding areas by having a specific vision and mission.

The goal of All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. is to provide our clients with exceptional service and products while providing value to our clients and their investments. We instill confidence by adhering to the highest technical and ethical standards, informing our clients of all available options, and providing the client with the knowledge to assist them in making an educated decision on their roofing project. Reach out to us today!

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Ft Pierce Roofing Company goes the extra mile for customers

All Area Roofing & Construction is Fort Pierce FL’s premier roofing contractor, and we got there by being dedicated to our local clients. When All Area Roofing & Construction is not working on commercial roof maintenance or roof replacements, we’re doing anything to help our local clients upgrade their property. And we do mean anything!

One of our long term local commercial clients who we’ve worked with on various roofing repairs and other projects contacted us with a big problem on one of their vacant properties: it had been overrun with raccoons! The exterior experts at All Area Roofing & Construction had helped them beautify other properties, so they knew we could handle the job.

We got some of our techs out to the site right away, so we could determine how the raccoons had gotten into the building. Next we had to figure out how to lure them out and trap them! Using the ingenuity all our contractors pride themselves on, our techs found some very “special grilled meats” that got the job done! We got all the animals into humane traps so we could remove them from the property. The raccoon family found a new more appropriate home, and they’re doing well.

This should show you how dedicated the folks at All Area Roofing & Construction are to our Florida clients. We’ve been performing storm damage repairs, regular roof maintenance, roof replacements, and installing new roofs in Ft. Pierce FL and surrounding communities for years. This means our Florida clients are our neighbors, and we’ll do anything for our neighbors. Contact us for raccoon relocation or roofing in your area today!

Metal Roofing Contractor in Fort Pierce FL

The most trusted roofing contractor on Florida’s Treasure Coast is All Area Roofing & Construction. We’ve been providing high-quality roofing services, from storm repair to new metal roofing, to the area for over 15 years, and our parent company has been around for over 20. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to tackle any roofing job, so we were excited to hear from a Fort Pierce, FL neighbor who had a damaged tile roof and siding.

A homeowner in Fort Pierce, FL recently contacted us about their local property. Their roof tiles had gotten damaged, leaving the roof open to leaks. This leaking had damaged wooden roof supports, as well as the soffit, or roof overhang, and the fascia, the board under the overhang. These wooden roof parts were completely rotted through, and needed to be replaced. Luckily, the crew at All Area Roofing  & Construction knew just what to do.

Our experienced roofing contractors got right to work. First, we removed all the damaged roof tiles and rotted wood, and then disposed of them safely. We always leave every job site clean. After consulting with our local homeowner, we installed a new metal roof, which offers better durability and protection, especially in areas with severe weather like the Florida coast. 

The Fort Pierce, FL homeowner was extremely happy with their new metal roof, and they knew their home would be protected for decades. If you have roof damage or need a new roof, contact the roofing and construction experts at All Area Roofing & Construction today.

New Metal Roof in Fort Pierce FL

The roofers at All Area Roofing & Construction recently completed a roof replacement project in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The homeowner had a roof that was over 20 years old. The shingles were warping and a couple were missing parts. She knew it was approaching time to have her roof replaced but she had not realized how necessary it was until she started noticing spots on ceilings of her storage room. Concerned about further structural damage, she decided to take action right away and find a roofing contractor to fix her roof as soon as possible.

She searched the Yellow Pages for a reputable roofing company and found us. She looked up our website to try to find reviews and was happy with what she saw so she gave us a call.

We told her we would first do a consultation so we both had a better idea of what the roofing project would look like. We know nobody likes surprises when it comes to roofing projects! We came out the next day and gave her an idea of what to expect and showed her the options we have for new roofs. She wanted a metal roof and chose on she liked.

We arrived the following Monday to start on her roof replacement project. Our crew quickly removed all of the existing roofing materials by lunchtime, keeping her yard free of debris the whole time. We then installed a beautiful Mill Finished 26g Galvalume Metal roof and her home looks amazing.

The customer was extremely happy with the outcome of her new metal roof! Thank you for choosing All Area Roofing & Construction for your metal roof replacement!

Curling asphalt shingles replaced with metal roof in Fort Pierce, FL

We completed another beautiful residential metal roof project in the Fort Pierce, Florida area last month.  The homeowner had an asphalt shingle roof that dated back to 2001. The shingles had started curling and there was also some previous patchwork. The homeowner realized that it was time to upgrade to a new roof.

The client is a client of our plumbing company that we use for repairs in our office. They referred him to us so he gave us a call.  He told us about the details about his roof and wanted to be sure his new roof would hold up well to severe weather and also last longer. We told him that metal roofing actually has a longer life than asphalt shingles and also stands up better to the elements. He liked what he heard and upgraded to a 26g galvalume 5v metal roof, which is one of the most durable metal roof panels on the market. We also installed new lead plumbing stacks and galvalume roof vents for him.

We showed up at the job mid-day Thursday to get started. Our crew worked quickly and efficiently and had the entire job finished before the end of day on Friday. The homeowner recently reached out to us to tell us how happy he was with our work and his new work. He still enjoys coming home to it at the end of the day even a month later.

Thank you for giving All Area Roofing & Construction the opportunity to install your new residential roof!

Flat Roof repairs save the day in Fort Pierce

A Fort Pierce, Florida business owner approached the All Area Roofing & Construction crew while hard at work at another site, and told them about the problems with a leaky roof on his property. After checking out the site, we recommended a brand new flat roof, but extensive repairs were necessary before a new roof could be installed. The customer didn’t have the budget for all that work at once, but we offered to credit the repair costs towards a new roof in the future.

This was a workable solution, and the All Area Roofing & Construction contractors got to work making the existing roof safe again. First, contractors cleaned up the standing water and repaired the roof structure, and then they coated everything with a watertight coating to make sure that further leaks didn’t damage the building. The business owner was thrilled with the repairs, but even happier that the All Area experts found a solution that saved their building and their bank account.

For home and business owners in the Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Florida area, All Area Roofing & Construction are the experts to call when they need a new roof. We’ve been working in the area for over twenty years, so we know that the best advertisement is a job well done. If you need repairs or a brand new roof in the Fort Pierce Florida area, contact us today.

Leaky roof repair in Fort Pierce, FL

All Area Roofing and Construction, Inc is located in Fort Pierce, Florida, and serves the coastal Atlantic area. We are a state-certified and fully insured roofing contractor. All Area Roofing and Construction, Inc provides quality roof and sheet metal services for new construction and re-roofing projects. All Area Roofing and Construction, Inc offers roofing services for both commercial and residential improvements.

A property investor who was looking to purchase a commercial building was in need of a roofing contractor to inspect the condition of the roof. The client searched online for a reputable roofing company in Fort Pierce and found our information. After contacting our office, we scheduled a visit to the property to inspect the roof.

The client was concerned that there may be potential water damage within the roof, so we performed a comprehensive inspection. As the client was looking to purchase the property, we made sure to thoroughly examine the roof to give a detailed report of its condition.

We were able to pinpoint three vulnerable spots in the roof that were causing the roof to leak. We gave our client a detailed inspection report which included information on the estimation to repair the leaky roof. The client was relieved that he had contacted our office to perform the inspection. He is in the process of purchasing the building and will be in touch with us once the purchase of the building is complete.