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All Area Roofing has been serving commercial and residential roofing clients since 1997 and has expanded to the Palm City region and surrounding areas. All Area Roofing has established itself as being one of Palm City’s most trusted and reputable roofing companies, due in large part to our commitment to quality workmanship while delivering affordable options to our clients in the Treasure Coast area.


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Why Choose All Area Roofing

  • We offer a unique 24-hour response time to all of our current clients when it comes to emergency leaks.
  • We strive to offer exceptional products and services to all of our customers in addition to great value that fits into our clients’ budgets.
  • We offer a comprehensive safety program, ensuring all of our technicians are OSHA certified.
  • We adhere to the highest possible technical and ethical standards.
  • We are a state certified roofing and sheet metal contractor.


Things to Do in Palm City, FL

Palm City, Florida is a small town that is part of the Port St. Lucie Metro area. This area is popular with families as it is filled with several parks that are breathtaking.

Leighton Park is located near the Palm City Bridge along the St. Lucie River. This park has a fun playground with plenty of picnic tables in addition to boat ramps, a fishing pier, grills and a popular scenic walking path.

Jack Leighton park is popular among the skating crowd and families. Here you can find a big skate park, playground and numerous pavilions, suitable for parties and picnics.

Lance Corporal Justin Wilson Memorial Park is among the most popular for locals and visitors alike. This park delivers loads of fun on its four playgrounds, shelters, an observation tower, picnic tables, numerous sporting fields, tennis courts, a basketball court, racquetball courts and even an area to play a game of horseshoes. This park is wheelchair accessible and has bathrooms sprinkled throughout for visitors of all ages.

Hail Damage Roof Inspection Tips

Rain and storms are common occurrences in Florida during springtime, which can cause significant storm damage to your home’s roof. Costly problems can arise from undiagnosed roof damage so it is important that any roof damage after a storm be diagnosed and addressed in a timely manner.

Regular Roof Inspections

Your roof should be regularly inspected. Regular inspections enable you to better know your roof’s condition before a storm so you have something to compare it with, enabling you to better document any damage and when it occurred. This is especially helpful information when filling storm-related roof damage insurance claims.

Take pictures of your roof when you inspect it so you have pictures of it in its normal state as well as photos of your roof after a hail storm comes through. This offers you unprecedented proof that your roof was damaged by hail.

Inspect Your Roof Right After a Storm

Wind and storm damage can take a toll on a roof. The sooner you check out your roof’s status after a storm, the better you can avoid damage, including leaks, inside your home or business. This is also helpful for insurance claims for roof damage because you will have more data to offer to your insurance company.

Also check your gutters to ensure they are in good condition after a storm. If your gutters show signs of storm damage, there’s a good chance your roof has experienced wear and damage during a recent hail storm.

Identifying Hail Damage

Hail damage is typically seen as fractures and/or indentations on your shingles. Hail stones come in various sizes and shapes and can make differing patterns of depressions and dents. If you don’t see any dents, check for indentations on siding, metal flashings, skylight flashings and chimney caps.

The most common types of hail damage include:

· Fractured fiberglass mats

· Cracks in the asphalt surfacing

· Granule loss on shingles

· Exposed fiberglass mats

· Loosening in the self-seal strips

Some hail damage is not immediately noticeable. It may cause latent damage that is visible right away but sometimes the damage appears over time, resulting in premature aging of shingles. Latent damage can take months or years to show up.

Call a top-rated roofing contractor

Climbing on your own roof may not always be the best idea. If you are not comfortable doing so, or if you are unsure of whether or not you have hail damage on your roof after a storm, call an expert to diagnose your roofing storm damage. The professionals at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. are ready to help!

Roof replaced with Tamko Architectural shingles in Palm City

All Area Roofing & Construction had the opportunity to perform a residential roof replacement for a nice young couple in Palm City, Florida.

The couple who owned the home was ready to have their roof replaced because it was almost 20 years old. It was also beginning to show signs of wear, including curling shingles and some spots appeared on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. Although it wasn’t leaking yet, they wanted to take action sooner than later so it wouldn’t get worse.

The homeowners asked some of their friends if they had any residential roofing contractor recommendations for them to call and several told them to call us, so they did.  We went out for an estimate and discussed their current roof and what they wanted in a new roof. They decided on a shingle roof with red tones to compliment the color of their house.

The job was scheduled to begin two weeks out but we had an opening and were able to start the job the following week instead. Our crew arrived early on a Thursday morning and quickly tore off the old shingle roof. The decking was in good shape so we did not have to repair it at all. We had their new Tamko Architectural shingles installed by the end of the second day.

The couple was thrilled, saying they were extremely happy with the results. They gave us fantastic reviews on social media. Thank you for choosing All Area Roofing & Construction to put your new shingle roof on.


Palm City Roof Replacement Project Photos

Residential shingle roof replacement in Palm City, FL   Residential shingle roof replacement in Palm City, FL