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Over the last decade, All Area Roofing & Construction Inc has proudly served the residents and business owners of Port Saint Lucie. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and adhere to the highest technical standards. We are here to assist you with making educated decisions on your roofing project.

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Top things to do in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Port St. Lucie has a population of 164,603 and is halfway between Orlando and Miami. You’ll love the relaxed atmosphere, scenic waterways, golf courses, and much more. The region’s cost of living and low crime rates make it the perfect place for tourists. Take a close look at the city’s natural side by exploring 21 miles of beaches. Visitors have a choice of 30 public beaches for sunbathing, swimming, and building sand castles. Start your adventure at Hutchinson Island and take a horseback beach tour. This is the best way to understand the aquatic life on the beaches. You can also take a guided walk at St. Lucie River shows. There are more than 4,000 plant and animal species including oysters, dolphins, sea turtles, seahorses, and manatees. And if you want to see amazing wetlands of Port St. Lucie, just take a cruise along the Indian River.

The city offers an unparalleled golf experience. Golfers can take advantage of the PGA golf course. It features a contemporary golf setting for beginners and professionals. Personal training is offered by the friendly staff. This golf course is named after legendary figures and has unique designs. The next time you’re in town, visit the Saints at Port St. Lucie. It hosts many games throughout the year and has frequent junior golf programs. Grab your friends and try a few holes here.

Discover the beauty of the city at Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens. Most visitors can’t get enough of the Butterfly, Hibiscus, Native, and Bamboo garden. The 20-acre property boasts of paved public paths, a pavilion, gift shops, and ample parking space. During the summer season, the garden hosts a variety of children’s programs. And if you’re looking for the perfect place for a night out, this hidden garden will meet and exceed your expectations.

Your trip won’t be complete without a visit to Jessica Clinton Park. The memorial park was designed to pay tribute to a young cheerleader who was loved by many people. It’s located at the South Bend area and has something for everyone. There’s a baseball field, a playground, soccer field, and exercise trails. Anyone who loves nature will surely have fun in this magical city.

Metal Roofing in Port St. Lucie for local homeowner

All Area Roofing & Construction recently had the opportunity to complete a new metal roof installation for a nice young couple in Port St. Lucie, FL.

The homeowners were ready to have a new roof installed. Their existing roof was in need of replacement as it was nearing 20 years old. A friend of theirs had worked with us in the past and recommended they give us a call. They liked their existing asphalt shingle roof but were interested in learning more about metal roofs and asked us to come by for a consultation.

We came the following Thursday evening to look at their home and talk. They knew they had a high-performance expectation but were concerned about the noise. We told them that residential metal roofs do not make the sounds you hear in factories or large commercial buildings. They loved the styles we had to offer and decided to go ahead and have us install a new metal roof for them.

We scheduled to start the job the start of the following week. We removed the existing roof and cleaned it up by the end of the first day. The second day we installed a 26g Galvalume Striated Mill Finished Metal Roof in addition to 50’ of gutters and downspouts.

Their new roof looks fantastic and the homeowners are extremely happy with it – and pleased to report that they don’t even notice any sounds on the roof when it rains.

Thanks for working with All Area Roofing & Construction!

Roof Repair in Port St. Lucie

A Port St. Lucie condo homeowners association called All Area Roofing & Construction with some major roof problems. Many of the roofs showed leaks, deterioration and damage. The HOA informed us that all buildings needed complete new roof installation. An unexpected problem was the weather, as it wasn’t great when the HOA had appropriated funds for the roof installations.

Our experienced roofers weren’t put out by the weather, and we got an excellent crew on site. This work was a full re-roofing of several condo buildings. First we removed the old roof all the way down to the wood decking, then inspected and repaired the underlying structure. Once the wooden structure was ready, our team installed a brand new metal roof. We also replaced and repaired many other problem areas in the underdecking and the areas around the roof structure. Additionally the gutter system was not functioning properly and some of the roof did not have any gutters. In order to minimize water damage to the property we did a complete gutter install as well.

When the project was completed, our local Port St. Lucie, Florida condo residents and HOA were thrilled with the finished product. They loved all the finishing touches. and really liked how quickly and efficiently our contractors finished the work.

The experienced contractors at All Area Roofing & Construction have worked in Florida for almost twenty years, so we understand that our local customers are the key to our success, both commercial and residential. You can become a satisfied customer too, just contact us today!


Port Saint Lucie – The Fountains Metal Re-Roof.

New tile roof in Port Saint Lucie, FL

All Area Roofing and Construction, Inc proudly serves Port Saint Lucie area with commercial roofing, residential roofing and sheet metal services. All Area Roofing and Construction, Inc is state certified, insured, and is a member of several accredited associations across the country.

A residential client recently called our office to inquire about replacing their tile roof. The life expectancy of a tile roof is approximately 30 years, and recent strong storms had accelerated the roof’s deterioration. The client had patched areas of the roof throughout the years, but it was now in need of a full repair.

We scheduled an appointment to inspect the roof and presented the client with an estimate for a full replacement. The client was pleased with the price of the quote and agreed to the cost of the replacement.

Less than a week after presenting the client with the quote, we were able to visit the property to begin the repair. The job was completed in its entirety in just four days. The client was thrilled with how well we maintained the area of their property and loved their new tile roof.

Port Saint Lucie FL commercial customer success story will be posted shortly!