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We at All Area Roofing have been proudly offering residential and commercial roofing services to the Stuart, Florida area for years. We are approved with most major manufacturers, delivering the highest quality of materials to our clients. In addition to offering services to commercial clients, we also provide Stuart property managers, building owners and residential property owners with quality roofing services.

Roofing Services Offered in the Stuart Area

Why Choose All Area Roofing

We are continually updating our specifications with the most up-to-date and advanced assemblies available, to the benefit of our clients.
We are a state certified roofing and sheet metal contractor.
We offer a unique 24-hour response time on all residential emergency leaks for our current clients.
All of our technicians are OSHA certified and are required to go extensive technical training before given the opportunity to serve our customers.
We offer a comprehensive safety program.

Things to Do in Stuart, Florida

Stuart is found along the renowned Treasure Coast of Florida. North of Palm Beach and south of Vero Beach, Stuart has its own special claim to fame. The city is known for its historic downtown that is also pedestrian-friendly. Here you can experience the Stuart Green Market every Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm – located near City Hall. A live music event is also held during this time!

The Stuart Heritage Museum also must be visited. Here you can explore a unique collection of maps, photos and vintage household items that document the Treasure coast. Friendly staff members share their knowledge of the history and you can even be treated to a guided tour.

The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is an educational experience for every member of the family. It takes up about 2.1 million acres of natural wetlands and houses rare local species with unique marine life and loads of educational splendor. Enjoy local events such as Sea Turtle Month and the Stingray Feeding Program as well as walks along the nature trail.

The House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar is another fun historical place to visit, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It is the oldest surviving edifice in the county and features a history rich as its design. It has been preserved in mint condition and gives visitors a taste of local life in 1904!

Roofing Company Installs Ribbed Metal Roof System on Stuart FL Home

In Stuart FL, All Area Roofing & Construction are the premier metal roofing contractors because we’ve been in business in the area for over fifteen years. We work hard to provide our Treasure Coast clients with the highest quality roofing materials and best service in the industry.

We recently got a call from an area homeowner who needed some major repairs to their roof. We pride ourselves on our customer focus, so we worked closely with the homeowner. This roof had some flat areas and some areas with a low slope, and we determined that it needed replacing down to the roof deck or support layer, including a roof edge.

Our crew got to work immediately on our Stuart FL homeowner’s roof, first removing and replacing the damaged roof deck as well as installing a metal eave drip edge that helps water flow away from the house. We applied a self-adhered underlayment to the whole roof, which is a protective layer that keeps moisture out of the house structure.

Once the roof’s base layer was stable and secure, our experienced roofers installed a striated galvalume metal roof system. This kind of roof system is made from thick (26 gauge) metal panels that are ribbed to create channels for water to run down. We interlock the panels for a fully waterproof roof that can stand up to the most severe weather or heavy rains.

Our Stuart FL homeowner loved their new roof, especially the matching roof edge that further protected their home. The If you’re curious if a metal roof is right for your property, contact us today.

Commercial Roof Inspection Details

Recent Commercial Roofing Inspection details will be posted soon on this new section of our website, please check back soon or click here to learn more about our free commercial roof inspection services!