Coal Tar Pitch Roofing

What is Coal Tar Pitch Roofing?

Also known as “tar and gravel” coal tar pitch roofing is a type of roofing that has been in use for a very long time, and it’s similar to BUR or built up roofing systems. The tar in “coal tar pitch roofing” is also known as asphalt, or bitumen, and this is a petroleum product that is thick and black. Though pitch is naturally insect and UV resistant, roofing tar has various other chemicals mixed into it so that it is self-leveling and compatible with roofing membranes.The gravel part of the name of this type of roofing refers to a gravel or sand layer on the very top layer of the roof that seals in the tar and provides a fire-resistant surface.

What are the Advantages of Coal Tar Pitch Roofing?

First of all, coal tar pitch roofs are time tested, as this is a roofing method that has been in use for over a century. Coal tar pitch is also one of the most durable forms of roofing available, which saves property owners a ton of money in maintenance over the (long) lifetime of their roof. Coal tar roofing also requires less maintenance because of its self-healing properties, where the tar softens in heat and reseal cracks. The self-leveling properties of tar roofing makes it perfect for flat or low-slope roofs as well. This durable material is also resistant to insects, foot traffic, UV rays, extreme weathering, cracking, or water.

How to find a certified Coal Tar Pitch Roofing Contractor

If you’re curious about coal tar pitch roofing for your building, look no further than the experienced roofers at All Area Roofing and Construction. They understand the local climate and needs of local property owners, so they can help you design a roofing solution that’s perfect for your structure. Contact us for a consultation today!