Commercial PVC Roofing

PVC Roofing

What is PVC Roofing

Most people are familiar with hard PVC piping used in home plumbing or other DIY projects, but with modern advancements in plastics, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) also makes an excellent roofing material. A little chemistry is needed to turn hard polyvinyl chloride into a flexible plastic sheeting, but PVC roofing material is state of the art, composed of two layers: a white UV resistant layer on top and a black flexible plastic layer for heat transfer. PVC roofing is popular in Europe and gaining traction in the United States as well.


Commercial PVC Roofing

What are the Advantages of PVC Roofing

While professional roofers like the contractors at All Area Roofing love PVC roofing material for ease of installation, property owners love what an economical roofing choice it is. PVC roofing is also extremely durable, long lasting, resistant to chemicals, and self-extinguishing. It is also a very eco-friendly option, as the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and the material itself is recyclable!


How is PVC Roofing Installed and Maintained?

Professional roofing contractors love PVC roofing materials because it is weldable and can be easily installed. The sheets can be welded together to create a perfectly water tight and seriously durable seal. PVC roofing sheets can also be manufactured in a variety of colors to complement any building’s look, which gives property owners tons of options, and roofers can add ribs to the PVC surface to create the look of a standing steam roof system at a fraction of a cost. Maintenance of a PVC roof is super easy as well, simply involving a mild detergent and careful brushing of the surface to remove dirt and debris.


How to find a certified PVC Roof Maintenance Contractor

The experienced contractors at All Area Roofing are experts in a ton of different roofing systems, and PVC roofing materials are no exception. They can professionally install your PVC roof for a long lasting weather-tight roof. Contact us today to learn about PVC roofing options for your property today!