A Fort Pierce, Florida business owner approached the All Area Roofing & Construction crew while hard at work at another site, and told them about the problems with a leaky roof on his property. After checking out the site, we recommended a brand new flat roof, but extensive repairs were necessary before a new roof could be installed. The customer didn’t have the budget for all that work at once, but we offered to credit the repair costs towards a new roof in the future.

This was a workable solution, and the All Area Roofing & Construction contractors got to work making the existing roof safe again. First, contractors cleaned up the standing water and repaired the roof structure, and then they coated everything with a watertight coating to make sure that further leaks didn’t damage the building. The business owner was thrilled with the repairs, but even happier that the All Area experts found a solution that saved their building and their bank account.

For home and business owners in the Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Florida area, All Area Roofing & Construction are the experts to call when they need a new roof. We’ve been working in the area for over twenty years, so we know that the best advertisement is a job well done. If you need repairs or a brand new roof in the Fort Pierce Florida area, contact us today.