The trusted roofing experts at All Area Roofing & Construction Inc. recently performed a leaky roof repair for a property owner located in Hobe Sound, FL.

The property owner, who was a previous client of ours, had an old, leaky flat roof. The roof was exceptionally troubled as it had a steep slope with a flat area at the bottom, which seemed to collect pools of water. Tired of setting buckets out anytime a storm came along, and in anticipation for hurricane season, he called us for a quote.

We arrived on site the next day. Knowing the importance of having an already leaky roof in tip top shape when hurricane risk is high, we wanted to get to his job right away. The roof was definitely in need of repair, requiring us to perform a roof replacement. We discussed all of his available options and he decided on a modified bitumen roof for its known longevity and strength in addition to its high-performing waterproof features. He also liked that this type of roofing features an insulating layer that makes it more energy efficient.

Our roofing crew was able to squeeze him in by the end of the week! We got started by removing the existing approximate 500 square feet of roofing, all the way down to the decking. We removed and replaced wall flashing to prevent future leaking in addition to installing modified bitumen granulated cap sheet, which was torch applied to adhere to the surface.

The new roof looks fantastic and the client is happy to have a roof that no longer leaks – just in time for tropical storm Eta.


Hobe Sound, FL Roof Replacement Project Photos