All Area Roofing & Construction are the trusted commercial roofers in St. Lucie County FL. We’re proud to help growing businesses in Florida cities like Ft Pierce and Port St Lucie protect their commercial buildings with new roofs or roof maintenance services. Commercial roofing is slightly different from roofing on a residential home, so businesses need experienced roofers.


Roof coating project for a homeowner’s roof in Jensen Beach, Florida

Why Are Flat Roofs Used on Commercial Buildings?

Flat roofs, or roofs without any pitch or slope, are very often used on industrial or commercial buildings, but why?

  • Roof Access – Many commercial buildings have AC units, signage, and vents on top of the building, which need to be accessed by hand, which means people need to be able to easily walk on top of the building.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Pitched roofs with beautiful roofing materials like tile or seamed metal are expensive to install even on residential homes, and they can be cost-prohibitive for a large commercial property.
  • Drainage – All roofs have to drain somehow, so even “flat roofs” have a very low slope and drainage systems to ensure that water doesn’t build up on the roof.

That said, flat roofs on commercial buildings require maintenance to stay leak-free and energy-efficient.




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All Area Roofing & Construction, the trusted roofing company in Ft Pierce and Port St Lucie FL, has decades of experience with commercial roofing maintenance. We can help you keep your commercial roof free of debris, water, as well as perform necessary repairs after a storm has rolled through. We can even work with commercial property managers or owners to schedule a roof replacement with a high-quality, energy-efficient flat roofing system.

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