The roof of any building, especially a home or business, is a critical part of its structural integrity. It is the building’s first line of defense against the harshest elements of the outdoor environment, including sun, rain, wind, snow, and other extreme weather. Whenever there is damage inflicted on your roof thanks to an unexpected disaster, storm, or even normal wear and tear, that damage needs to be taken care of as soon as possible in order to maintain the roof as structurally sound.

At All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc., we are dedicated to helping residents and commercial business owners with roof maintenance, roof inspections, roof repairs, and new roof replacement in Fort Pierce, FL. When you need a professional roofing contractor to examine your home or office building and determine if you are in need of having your roof repaired or getting a new roof installation.

One of the biggest questions roofers often receive from homeowners and business owners is whether their roof is in need of repair or replacement. We have put together a discussion of the differences between roof repair and replacement as well as the occasions when each is necessary.

When Is It Time for Roof Repairs?

The primary aspect that differentiates a roof repair from a roof replacement is the amount of the roof that is in need of services from a roofing company in Fort Pierce, Florida. When you have a roof repair done, it will only be on a small part of the larger structure.

From the ground, you may be able to do an amateur inspection of the roof and determine the extent of the damage. With a pair of binoculars, you can scan the roof for signs of damage, including missing shingles, damaged shingles, punctures, holes, cracks, nail pops, cracks in the metal flashing system, or shingle granule loss. Any of these issues may result in a leaky roof and serious damage to the interior of your home.

Any roof damage, even a few damaged shingles, should be addressed as soon as possible by a licensed roofing contractor such as ours at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. so that it does not turn into a more serious problem. Even slightly damaged roofing materials like asphalt shingles can deteriorate even more over time and result in much more severe issues and the need for a full roof replacement.

What Is Involved with Roof Repair?

The process for roof repair depends on what exactly is happening with your roof. You may need to patch holes and small gaps, replace damaged or curling shingles, figure out how water damage is being made on your attic ceiling, complete flashing repairs, or a variety of other common issues.

It is imperative that you have even slight roof damage such as a few shingles that were ripped fixed as soon as possible so that you do not end up with a catastrophic issue such as a sagging roof or the need to have a new roof installed.

Whether you have a metal roof system or shingle granules, our team at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. is one of the best roofing companies in the Fort Pierce, Florida, area, and we can repair any roofing system you may have.

When Is a Roof Replacement Necessary?

If you need to replace your roof, that means you will be stripping off everything on the roof and exposing the roof deck underneath. From there, new roofing materials can be installed by an experienced professional in the roofing industry. Obviously, since there is much more work involved, replacing an entire roof will be more expensive upfront than simple roof repairs.

In general, there are a few criteria to be used to determine if you need a new roof immediately. A roof repair or re-roofing project is great if the damage is fairly minor. However, you would not want to cover up a damaged spot only to discover later that there is a much more serious problem below the surface.

Severe weather damage to the roof, missing gaps, soggy shingles, and mold growth are all good signs that you may need to have your roof replaced. A roof replacement is a serious, time-consuming project, so be sure to have your home or business’ roof inspected by an experienced roofing professional before making the investment.

Also, consider the roof’s lifespan. Even though roofs were designed to last for decades, they do not last forever. Eventually, they will need more than minor repairs. How much life is left in your roof and how that will affect your home’s curb appeal should be determined by a roofing expert.

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