While every property owner wants their roof to last forever, weather elements and other factors can cut short the roof’s life. Roof replacement costs average $35,000, an amount that can dent your savings. Proper care and timely maintenance can ensure your current roof stays strong and healthy, beyond the expected service life.


Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips

Here are practical roof maintenance tips that can help extend the lifespan of your roof in Fort Pierce, FL.

Hire a qualified roofer

Start by finding a competent roofer that can perform quality roof installations and proper roof repairs. A good roof contractor will perform flawless installations and thorough roof repairs on your metal panel or asphalt shingles, ensuring your residential roof stands the test of time. Experience, workmanship, and certification matter a lot. When looking for a roofer to install a new roof over your home, find a contractor that’s fully insured and has manufacturer’s certifications. These are good indications of their commitment to the craft.

A good roofer will not compromise on the choice of roofing materials or cut corners to save money. They will follow established roofing procedures and will complete the job to your satisfaction. Contact All Area Roofing for asphalt roofs and other roofing needs. We’re happy to help you create durable roofs.

Use durable roofing materials

Your choice of roofing material and components also determine how long your roofing system will last. If you’re building a new home, you want to make sure the roofer uses the best materials possible to make your roof last. Various roofing materials are available, and each has a different lifespan and price point.

Slate and metal roofs are two fantastic options. Metal can hold up well against snow, hailstorm, and high winds. A slate roof can also give you years of service, not to mention it looks beautiful from the outside. To ensure you get a roof that lasts long, find a local roofer that does expert installation as the slate roofs are delicate.

Inspect your roof each year

Unless you inspect your roof, you can’t tell whether something is off. Your roof can look good from the ground, but when you climb up or at a higher level and look at the roof, you’ll get a better view of the roof’s condition and shape. Look out for unusual dumps, dents or small holes, nails sticking out, lifted shingles, dips, or any other signs of potential roof damage.

Even the strongest roofs can be breached during heavy storms or traumatic events. In some cases, roof damage may not be visible unless someone that’s trained can examine the roof. A qualified roof inspector can help identify small problems before they turn into costly repairs or full-scale roof replacement down the road.

Keep snow and ice away

Snow and ice buildup can weigh down the roof, causing it to sag and fail before its time. Prolonged contact with these elements will also lower the temperature of your roofing materials.

This can cause materials to expand and contract, taking a toll on them. You can use a long-handed scrapper or a roof rake to dislodge the snow/ice from the roof. A salt-water solution can also help accelerate melt-offs.

Make roof maintenance a priority

The final piece of the puzzle in prolonging your roof’s lifespan is prioritizing roof maintenance. Once your asphalt roofing is complete, get in the habit of cleaning it and inspecting it at least twice a year (in spring and the fall).

Make sure the roof is clean and free of debris and leaf matter. Keep an eye out for moss and algae. Remove any moss on your roof shingles and unclog your gutters. Leaving debris and leaves to collect on your gutters can obstruct water flow. Moss can also weaken and ultimately damage your roof.

Cut low-hanging branches & old trees

If there are any nearby trees, make sure you trim overhanging branches or overgrown limbs to prevent them from causing roof damage in stormy weather. Cut down old, dying, or dead trees as they can become a safety hazard in a storm. There’s a risk that limbs can break, or the tree can fall on your property and cause extensive damage that will force you to do a roof replacement.

Maintain adequate insulation

Proper and adequate attic insulation isn’t just good for your money, but it also helps your home’s roof last longer. Without adequate insulation, indoor air can also become hot, and make shingles decay faster. Your existing roof will lose its effectiveness and may fall apart sooner than you expect. A professional roofer can help inspect the insulation and recommend a fix.

Check your attic’s vents

Take time to examine the attic vents that go to the outside of your home. Make sure the vents are clog-free and wide enough to allow air to move around. Proper ventilation can also prevent moisture damage and ensure the roof lasts for a long.

Perform timely roof repairs

Some roofing issues like minor leaks or dents can seem small at first. But over time, they can grow worse and cause lots of costly problems including water damage. So, don’t put off roof repairs. Contact All Area Roofing to fix repair damaged shingles, recaulk flashing, and fix loose or damaged gutters. Proper roof repair can add a couple more years to your roof’s life span and make maintenance a breeze.


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A properly maintained roofing system can offer you a lifetime of service, keep energy costs down, and ensure your roof looks great all year round. Prioritizing maintenance and working with a qualified roofer can ensure you get full ROI.

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