All Area Roofing & Construction recently had the opportunity to complete a new metal roof installation for a nice young couple in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

New Metal Roof Installation in Port Saint Lucie, FLThe homeowners were ready to have a new roof installed. Their existing roof was in need of replacement as it was nearing 20 years old. A friend of theirs had worked with us in the past and recommended they give us a call. They liked their existing asphalt shingle roof but were interested in learning more about metal roofs and asked us to come by for a consultation.

We came the following Thursday evening to look at their home and talk. They knew they had a high-performance expectation but were concerned about the noise. We told them that residential metal roofs do not make the sounds you hear in factories or large commercial buildings. They loved the styles we had to offer and decided to go ahead and have us install a new metal roof for them.

We scheduled to start the job the start of the following week. We removed the existing roof and cleaned it up by the end of the first day. The second day we installed a 26g Galvalume Striated Mill Finished Metal Roof in addition to 50’ of gutters and downspouts.

Their new roof looks fantastic and the homeowners are extremely happy with it – and pleased to report that they don’t even notice any sounds on the roof when it rains.

Thanks for working with All Area Roofing & Construction!