Roof Checklist



  • Inspect at least twice a year and after any severe storm.
  • Create a roofing file for each building; review warranty information.
  • Clear roof drains of debris (roof warranties don’t cover this).
  • Walk the perimeter to examine sheet metal, copings, and previously repaired sections.
  • Check roof-to-wall connections and examine flashings (at curbs and penetrations, etc.) for wrinkles and tearing.
  • For single-ply roofs, re-caulk the top of face-mounted termination bars (if needed).
  • For bituminous roofs, check for splits in the stripping plies.
  • Be on guard against corrosion on metal roofs, which may be caused by condensate from copper coils in rooftop HVAC units. Duct the condensation water to keep it from coming into contact with the membrane.
  • Keep traffic off of the roof to avoid membrane damage.
  • Don’t let your green roof die from lack of care. Be attentive to plant health by monitoring growth and weeding and trimming as needed. Proper irrigation is not only critical for the survival of vegetation but also protects your roof membrane against leaks and ponding.
  • Plan a moisture survey every 5 years to detect wet insulation or leaks.