A Port St. Lucie condo homeowners association called All Area Roofing & Construction with some major roof problems. Many of the roofs showed leaks, deterioration and damage. The HOA informed us that all buildings needed complete new roof installation. An unexpected problem was the weather, as it wasn’t great when the HOA had appropriated funds for the roof installations.

Our experienced roofers weren’t put out by the weather, and we got an excellent crew on site. This work was a full re-roofing of several condo buildings. First we removed the old roof all the way down to the wood decking, then inspected and repaired the underlying structure. Once the wooden structure was ready, our team installed a brand new metal roof. We also replaced and repaired many other problem areas in the underdecking and the areas around the roof structure. Additionally the gutter system was not functioning properly and some of the roof did not have any gutters. In order to minimize water damage to the property we did a complete gutter install as well.

When the project was completed, our local Port St. Lucie, Florida condo residents and HOA were thrilled with the finished product. They loved all the finishing touches. and really liked how quickly and efficiently our contractors finished the work.

The experienced contractors at All Area Roofing & Construction have worked in Florida for almost twenty years, so we understand that our local customers are the key to our success, both commercial and residential. You can become a satisfied customer too, just contact us today!


Port Saint Lucie, FL Condos Metal Roof Project Photos

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