In Stuart FL, All Area Roofing & Construction are the premier metal roofing contractors because we’ve been in business in the area for over fifteen years. We work hard to provide our Treasure Coast clients with the highest quality roofing materials and best service in the industry.

We recently got a call from an area homeowner who needed some major repairs to their roof. We pride ourselves on our customer focus, so we worked closely with the homeowner. This roof had some flat areas and some areas with a low slope, and we determined that it needed replacing down to the roof deck or support layer, including a roof edge.

Our crew got to work immediately on our Stuart FL homeowner’s roof, first removing and replacing the damaged roof deck as well as installing a metal eave drip edge that helps water flow away from the house. We applied a self-adhered underlayment to the whole roof, which is a protective layer that keeps moisture out of the house structure.

Once the roof’s base layer was stable and secure, our experienced roofers installed a striated galvalume metal roof system. This kind of roof system is made from thick (26 gauge) metal panels that are ribbed to create channels for water to run down. We interlock the panels for a fully waterproof roof that can stand up to the most severe weather or heavy rains.

Our Stuart FL homeowner loved their new roof, especially the matching roof edge that further protected their home. If you’re curious whether a metal roof is right for your property, contact us today.

Stuart, FL Metal Roof Installation Project Photos

New Ribbed Metal Roof Installation on Residential Home in Stuart, FL


Metal roof installation on Stuart, FL home