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Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

The day has come. You’re at the point of your roof’s life where you know it needs some help. But just what needs to be done? There are usually two main options when it comes to helping out an old roof: repair or replace. And it’s usually not too obvious which one you should do. You don’t want to replace it too soon because it’s almost always the more expensive option. But you also don’t want to wait too long or you’ll end up with leaks and damage, which could end up being more costly than the replacement. So how do you know if you should repair or replace your roof? Check out some factors below!


The first thing you should consider is the age of your roof. If your roof has already lived beyond its expected lifespan, you’re most likely going to want to replace the roof rather than repair. Eventually, every roof will need to be replaced, but whether or not that time is here could depend on how old your roof is. Repairing a roof that is already up there in age might just turn into a quick fix that you have to continuously do, so in that case, replacing may serve your needs better.


Another factor is how widespread your problem is on your roof. If it’s just a missing shingle or a small crack, there’s a good chance that repairing will be the way to go. However, if water has seeped into the underlayment of your roof or there is major damage, a repair might not be the way to go. You may need to go the replacement route if there’s substantial damage.


I know we just mentioned it but it’s worth repeating: if there is moisture damage to your roof deck, you are more than likely going to want to replace the roof rather than repair. The repairs would be like slapping a band-aid onto a broken bone in this case, as the foundation of your roof would have significant damage.


You should also ask, even if it is just a small repair, how much more a replacement will cost. While repairs are almost always going to be the cheaper option, sometimes a somewhat costlier replacement could have you sitting pretty for years to come while a repair might need to be done again in a short while. If it’s only a little bit more expensive, you might want to think about going for that replacement so you can have even more peace of mind.


Lastly, and this one is just aesthetic, but how important is it that your roof completely matches? There’s a very good chance that, with a repair, the shingles will be slightly off. It could be just that they are new while the rest of the roof is a little bit more worn down, but either way, there could be a few spots with slightly different colors or materials. So, if you take pride in how your roof looks (why wouldn’t you??), then you may want to consider a replacement when there is damage to your roof.

Now, there are plenty of other factors that go into the decision of repairing or replacing a roof. But this is a good place to start when the time comes to get some roof work done! Any professional roofer will be more than happy to explain all of your roofing options in detail and answer any questions you may have, but these are a few things to think about while talking to that professional roofer.


Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Roof in Fort Pierce, FL

The roof of any building, especially a home or business, is a critical part of its structural integrity. It is the building’s first line of defense against the harshest elements of the outdoor environment, including sun, rain, wind, snow, and other extreme weather. Whenever there is damage inflicted on your roof thanks to an unexpected disaster, storm, or even normal wear and tear, that damage needs to be taken care of as soon as possible in order to maintain the roof as structurally sound.

At All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc., we are dedicated to helping residents and commercial business owners with roof maintenance, roof inspections, roof repairs, and new roof replacement in Fort Pierce, FL. When you need a professional roofing contractor to examine your home or office building and determine if you are in need of having your roof repaired or getting a new roof installation.

One of the biggest questions roofers often receive from homeowners and business owners is whether their roof is in need of repair or replacement. We have put together a discussion of the differences between roof repair and replacement as well as the occasions when each is necessary.

When Is It Time for Roof Repairs?

The primary aspect that differentiates a roof repair from a roof replacement is the amount of the roof that is in need of services from a roofing company in Fort Pierce, Florida. When you have a roof repair done, it will only be on a small part of the larger structure.

From the ground, you may be able to do an amateur inspection of the roof and determine the extent of the damage. With a pair of binoculars, you can scan the roof for signs of damage, including missing shingles, damaged shingles, punctures, holes, cracks, nail pops, cracks in the metal flashing system, or shingle granule loss. Any of these issues may result in a leaky roof and serious damage to the interior of your home.

Any roof damage, even a few damaged shingles, should be addressed as soon as possible by a licensed roofing contractor such as ours at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. so that it does not turn into a more serious problem. Even slightly damaged roofing materials like asphalt shingles can deteriorate even more over time and result in much more severe issues and the need for a full roof replacement.

What Is Involved with Roof Repair?

The process for roof repair depends on what exactly is happening with your roof. You may need to patch holes and small gaps, replace damaged or curling shingles, figure out how water damage is being made on your attic ceiling, complete flashing repairs, or a variety of other common issues.

It is imperative that you have even slight roof damage such as a few shingles that were ripped fixed as soon as possible so that you do not end up with a catastrophic issue such as a sagging roof or the need to have a new roof installed.

Whether you have a metal roof system or shingle granules, our team at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. is one of the best roofing companies in the Fort Pierce, Florida, area, and we can repair any roofing system you may have.

When Is a Roof Replacement Necessary?

If you need to replace your roof, that means you will be stripping off everything on the roof and exposing the roof deck underneath. From there, new roofing materials can be installed by an experienced professional in the roofing industry. Obviously, since there is much more work involved, replacing an entire roof will be more expensive upfront than simple roof repairs.

In general, there are a few criteria to be used to determine if you need a new roof immediately. A roof repair or re-roofing project is great if the damage is fairly minor. However, you would not want to cover up a damaged spot only to discover later that there is a much more serious problem below the surface.

Severe weather damage to the roof, missing gaps, soggy shingles, and mold growth are all good signs that you may need to have your roof replaced. A roof replacement is a serious, time-consuming project, so be sure to have your home or business’ roof inspected by an experienced roofing professional before making the investment.

Also, consider the roof’s lifespan. Even though roofs were designed to last for decades, they do not last forever. Eventually, they will need more than minor repairs. How much life is left in your roof and how that will affect your home’s curb appeal should be determined by a roofing expert.

Contact Our Experienced Fort Pierce, FL, Roofing Contractor

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Fort Pierce, Florida, and you are trying to figure out whether you need to simply repair roofing materials or completely replace your roof, contact All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. Our roofing specialists are available to give the roof of your home or business a thorough inspection and determine which type of service you will need.

At All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc., we are state-certified roofing and sheet metal, contractor. You can rely on us for our services because we are fully licensed and bonded. From new construction to shingle repair, we can handle any and all of your roofing needs in the Fort Pierce, FL, area.

Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional workmanship, customer satisfaction and support, and the excellent products we use for all of our projects. We are committed to remaining up-to-date on all of the most advanced techniques and procedures in the roofing industry. All of our technicians are well-trained and certified, so you can trust that your roof is in the best possible hands with All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc.

Call now to schedule your inspection with one of our roof experts or to find out how we can help you with your insurance claims!

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing the Right Roofing Material for Your Building in Fort Pierce, FL

Finalizing repairs and completing renovations around your home are the ideal ways to breathe new life into it. However, there’s a chance you may get so caught up in the satisfaction of transforming your interiors that you forget how fundamental it is to also finish projects that preserve the quality and appearance of your home’s exterior. As far as home repair projects go, repairing or replacing your roof may not be the most exhilarating task. Nonetheless, it should not be shelved. Neglected residential or commercial roofs can result in serious roof damage and that can be far more difficult and costly to fix.

When it comes to replacing your roof, you may be uncertain of where to start. After all, selecting the right roofing material can be overwhelming if you are not well-versed with multiple roofing options. Also, roof inspections are best conducted by a reliable roofing company to identify which roofing option you need for your project. Therefore, before you start working on your commercial or residential roofing project, below are some things you need to know before choosing the right roofing material for your building in Fort Pierce, FL.

How do I choose roofing material?

The roof serves to protect your house from different external natural factors such as sunlight, rainwater, dust, winds, and animals. Hence, it is valuable to comprehend the different layers that make up the roof structure. Before we delve into the most common roofing types, below are some key points that can help you know how to select the best materials for your roofing projects.

·  Decking

Decking is a flat surface that is laid on top of the roof’s rafters and basic frame. It offers protection for your home and acts as the foundation where underlayment and roofing material is added.

·  Vapor barrier or water shield

The vapor barrier or water shield is a waterproof covering made of polymer-modified bitumen adhering to the roof decking. It helps ascertain that the most susceptible areas of your roof are not exposed to ice or water damage.

·  Underlayment

The roof’s underlayment is a protective layer, usually made of felt. It is applied across your roof’s decking to further prevent water from seeping in. It also has a top layer made of asphalt that helps keep the shingle roof flat and in place.

The aforementioned factors can help you figure out whether you need to replace or purchase a new roof for your building. If you are uncertain whether you need a leak repair or installation of a new roof, do not hesitate to reach out to our roofing company. Our team is here to assist you with all your queries.

What are the factors you need to consider when selecting a roof covering?

While there are certain pros and cons to each type of roofing material, there are many factors to consider when selecting the best roofing option for your house.

· Your roof’s pitch

Depending on your home’s style, your roof’s pitch may make particular residential roofing materials more suitable than others. Roofing materials are recommended according to different pitch ranges. A low and relatively flat roof requires a sheet-type product like EPDM. One continuous sheet product with little or no joints can help minimize water migration to the roof membrane’s underside. Contrarily, higher, steeper roofs, have far more flexibility. Thus, you need to factor in aesthetics and the costs of different materials.

·  Climate

Make sure that the roofing material you pick can handle natural disasters or extreme weather conditions common in your region. Climate is a significant factor to consider if you are living in an area that experiences extreme heat, as your roofing material should be able to expand and contract without cracking or warping.

· Cost

Roof cost is a major point to consider when choosing your roofing material. To determine whether a roofing material fits into your home improvement budget, always consider the price of material, cost of installation, and maintenance.

·  Weight

Weight is also a critical determinant when choosing a roofing material. The frame of your house should be able to bear the weight of roofing material without causing any structural damage. However, it is best to consult the All Area Roofing and Construction, Inc’s experts when deciding if certain materials are a feasible option for your home or not. Our skilled local roofers can help you select the best-suited residential roofing material for your property as per your needs.

·  Durability

Repairing or replacing your roof is not the most convenient of home improvement tasks. So, you want to ascertain that the roofing material you pick has a longer lifespan and that it will not need frequent periodic maintenance over time. When you’re inspecting the durability of each material, consider their costs to be the best indicators for their quality and longevity.

· Style

Your home’s roof must be functional, but its impact on your home’s aesthetic is also equally important. Thus, when surveying different roofing materials, consider how each option would complement your house’s architectural style and color.

Choosing a covering for your residential or commercial roof can be an overwhelming task considering the factors involved. Fortunately, our roofing experts can professionally advise you on what to go for. Contact us today and let us help you work within your budget and save money.

Do I need a permit to replace my roof myself in Florida?

One of the most crucial things you should consider when having your existing roof replaced or repaired in Fort Pierce, Florida, is a roof replacement permit. As a property owner, you should apply for a building permit for all installations regulated by the Florida Building Codes.

Nevertheless, there are multiple exceptions to this requirement, such as replacing a few architectural shingles. However, if you want to repair all the shingles or replace damaged roof tiles, decking, vents, or new construction, getting a permit is mandatory in your state.

What are the requirements of a well-planned roof?

The roofing system of your home should be made after paying due consideration to the climatic conditions and availability of the roofing material. A well-planned roof should meet the following requirements. It should:

·  Have sufficient strength and stability to bear the anticipated loads such as strong wind load.

·  Effectively protect the building against severe weather like heavy rains, extreme sun, strong winds, and it should be durable against the adverse effects of these natural factors for its intended lifespan.

·  Be fire-resistant.

·  Be water-proof and should have an efficient drainage system.

·  Provide adequate insulation against sound.

Most forms of roof construction provide adequate insulation against sound from external sources for many buildings.

Types of roofing materials

Now that you understand the roof anatomy and the factors involved in selecting the correct roofing material, let us have a look at the typical roof options used in contemporary home design.

· Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials since they are affordable, easy to maintain, and can be installed without professional help. They are as much appealing as they are functional. Since they come in various colors and styles, asphalt shingles can be used to complement a broad variety of home styles.

· Metal roofing

Metal roofing is more expensive to purchase and install. However, if installed properly, a new metal roof can last for five decades without requiring major repairs. Its minimalist aesthetic makes the metal roof the best quality roof option for modern and contemporary houses.

· Clay tiles

Clay roof tiles are more costly and more durable. They are made from terracotta clay which makes them eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and fire-resistant. A clay tile roof has a distinctive red color, has an earthy hue, and is heavy. Therefore, it should not be installed without liaising with a structural engineer, as it should be reinforced with roof framing.

·  Slate roofing

Slate roofs are an elegant investment. It is common among historical homes and can last almost ten decades. These are weather-proof, maintenance-free, fire-resistant, and possess an unmatched exquisiteness. Houses with slate roofing have a higher resale value. However, the material and its installation carry a big price tag.

·  Concrete tiles

Concrete tile roofs may be cheap to purchase; their installation comes with a higher fee since their weight also needs additional roof framing. Nonetheless, like clay, a concrete tile is long-lasting and energy-efficient because it reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it. It is appropriate for different architectural styles since it can be designed to copy more traditional roofing materials.

·Wood shingles

Wood shingles or shakes may be less costly to purchase and install. However, like asphalt shingles, they have a shorter lifespan. Cedar roofs are an attractive option for your roofing project in Treasure Coast, FL. However, as they age, they may turn a dark gray color, prompting most homeowners to avoid them.

·  Synthetic roofing

Made out of recycled plastic or rubber, synthetic roofing is meant to copy the appearance of other roofing materials, like clay, concrete, or slate. Since it is lighter than real materials, synthetic roofing installation is easier and more affordable. However, synthetic roofing is in its infancy, hence it is unclear how durable it is.

Our reputable roofing company has a variety of roofing materials for your project. Whether you need metal roofs, flat roofs, impact-resistant shingles, or a new roof for your project, we will gladly resolve your roofing problems based on your needs. Our roofing experts will come to your home or business, conduct a roof inspection and help you figure out what roofing your property needs. Also, our inspection team will notify you whether your new roof has the ability to hold solar panels or not.

Get the best local roof repairs and replacements at All Area Roofing, Fort Pierce, FL

Are you looking for a local roofing company in Fort Pierce, FL for roof repairs, replacements, or a brand new roof installation? Are you trying to locate the right roofing contractor in your area who offers affordable roofing services? Do you want to partner with a roofing company that you can count on for a competitive price for all your roofing needs?

If getting professional and reliable roofing services for your residential or commercial building is essential to you, then you will enjoy partnering with All Area Roofing and Construction, Inc‘s skilled roofing contractors. Our roofing repairs and replacements are unparalleled. We embrace high-quality standards and do the job well the first time. Contact us today at 772-402-3879 for a free estimate for roof repair or replacement. Our Fort Pierce roofers are readily available to provide you with the roofing solutions you need for your commercial or residential roofing project.

When do you need a roof inspection in Fort Pierce, FL

Like many essential parts of a home, roofs are also an integral part of a house. However, they are the most overlooked part of your regular repair and maintenance routine. We only pay attention to the roofs when there is leak, disruption, or any other problem which might hinder our everyday lives.

Of course, this is not the best strategy when it comes to your metal roof, asphalt shingle roof, or other type of roof options in the Fort Pierce, FL area.

Remember that whether it is a metal roof, an asphalt shingle roof, or another type of roof in the Fort Piece area, it is best to have roofing contractors conduct regular inspections.

It is true that roofs should surely be maintained and repaired over the course of their lifespan. This contributes to the longevity of your roof and prevents any hazards from happening. There are many incidents reported monthly and yearly when the roofs of the houses collapse due to lack of regular inspections.

Indeed, it is best to avoid significant roofing issues in the Fort Pierce area. Thankfully, you can get out in front of these issues by working with roofing services and learning about critical roof details to preserve your property.

Here are the reasons why your roofs in Fort Pierce should be inspected regularly in the right manner.

Weathering And Aging in Fort Pierce

Everything in this world is subjected to aging. However, things directly exposed to the environment are subjected to the process of weathering. There is a certain limit for your roofs; the roofs tend to crack after that time. Cracking itself gives rise to multiple problems. If water starts to infiltrate the cracks, it weakens your roofs’ strength.

The age for multi-ply bituminous low slope roofs is 20 to 30 years, while it is 12 to 15 years for single-ply roofs. Regular inspection of roofs ensures that the weathering and aging process is healed and controlled to prevent further issues.

If you are accounting for this factor in your Fort Pierce home, you would want to make sure to conduct metal roof inspections by roofing contractors at least once a year. Whether you reside in West Palm Beach or in Fort Pierce FL, you want to make sure that your account for damaged roof tiles or roof repairs as soon as possible to preserve the integrity of your property.

Damage Due To Natural Disasters

One of the reasons why damage is caused to your roofs is due to storms and hail storms. High winds, hail, and storms can contribute significant damage to your roof. Remember that rooftops should be inspected immediately after the hail and storm.

They should also be examined for any potential cracks because small disruptions can cause huge damage and require proper maintenance. Huge damages might also require whole roof replacement. However, other damages include tree climbers, branches falling on the roof, and the roof blowing off.

Leak Assessment

A leak is one of the potential signs of having problems with your roof. However, leaks develop much later and signify that the roof has been internally deteriorating for a long time.

You will surely need an experienced individual in Fort Pierce to diagnose a leak, as the source of moisture can be a far greater threat. In addition to this, one of the key places to diagnose a leak is a difference in elevation points, penetration, joints, and flashing.

Experienced roofing contractors will be able to look at your commercial building in Fort Pierce FL, and add the right roofing material or add a brand new roof in the Fort Pierce Fl area if necessary. Our team at All Area Roofing and Construction in Fort Pierce FL can help you save money as we focus on preventative care instead of doing so after more impacts occur within the home.

Our new construction professionals have found that preventative care in the Palm Bay area can help you to minimize the need for extensive roof repairs in the Fort Pierce FL area.

We have dealt with asphalt shingles and other types of materials in the Treasure Coast and Fort Pierce FL areas.

Proper Drainage

We have already discussed how water infiltrates rapidly into your roof. It makes its way, continues deterioration of the nearby area, and then produces a leak, a visual symptom of roof damage.

You need to ensure that your roof has a proper drainage system for water to move out without being penetrated. This is because standing or stagnant water can increase the chance of moisture infiltration.

Often objects are thrown away, such as herbs, shrubs, remnants of tree branches, and many other things, are likely to clog the drainage system, which obstructs water flow. Hence, you should clean your rooftop timely.

Standing water is quite risky as it can cause damage to your insulation and damage the internal roofing material too.

This is another reason why Fort Pierce FL residents will want to conduct roof inspections at least once a year.

Vegetative Damage

If you have gutters that are improperly placed or not maintained, then the flies feeding on them and the contaminated environment due to them can surely give rise to vegetation on your rooftop. In addition, birds will make their nests on the top, displacing seeds, growth of vegetation, contaminants and dirt accumulation, and tree branch remnants can surely clog your water drainage system.

Moreover, the roots might enormously grow and intervene in the gaps of your rooftop. Hence, you should get your rooftop timely inspected after you visualize any signs of growing vegetation at your rooftop.

Contamination Due To environment

Apart from the contamination caused by residue on your roof, the roof can also be contaminated by the environment. Bird droppings, dirt, debris, stones, and other environmental factors also contribute to the contamination of the rooftop.

This then clogs the drain of water and also weakens the building strength. This might show any visible signs of deterioration, but when cleaning your roof, you will notice yourself filling bins of dust and debris. Hence, get your rooftop cleaned and inspected repeatedly, so you do not have to go for deep cleaning when you face the problem.

You can get ahead of potential problems and may not have to reach out to your insurance company for massive repairs if you fix issues early on.

Safety And Security

One of the key issues you will face with unlocked roof hatches, and skylights are security issues. Thieves and robbers can easily get into your home. Opting for regular inspection will reveal security breaching areas in your roof.

Warranty Inspection

Some homeowners carry out roof inspections due to contractors’ or manufacturers’ roof warranty. There are many reasons for leaks, but only some are covered under the manufacturer’s roof warranty. In addition, considering the severity of the leakage, a person will file the inspection claim.

Buying And Selling Your Place

People often get a roof inspection done before buying or selling a place. This is because problems with a roof can greatly decrease the home value; hence, to maintain the cost, you should get your roof inspected before buying or selling a place.

In many cases, homeowners also replace the entire roof to increase the home value. The new roof enhances the overall appearance of your home, markets your home well, gets the buyer in confidence, and reduces the need for negotiations.

Work with Our Team At All Area Roofing and Construction Today For your Roofing Project

Conclusively, a roof inspection is necessary due to not one but many reasons. It contributes to your house’s internal safety, outlook, or well-being, enhances its market value, and attracts buyers.

In addition to this, you should always go for a roof inspection at least annually to ensure the safety of your place and the people living in it. Remember that problems with the roof create safety issues such as the roof’s collapse, leakage of stagnant water, water intervening into spaces giving rise to cracks in the roof.

Our team at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. is here to help you with your new roof needs and will make sure that it is in line with building codes in the Port St Lucie area. We have dealt with asphalt shingles and have implemented new roof material for a wide variety of homes in Vero Beach, Port St Lucie, and other areas.

We are pleased to provide service to more commercial and residential clients in the Fort Pierce area.

Our team differentiates from other new roof companies in Port Saint Lucie or other surrounding areas by having a specific vision and mission.

The goal of All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. is to provide our clients with exceptional service and products while providing value to our clients and their investments. We instill confidence by adhering to the highest technical and ethical standards, informing our clients of all available options, and providing the client with the knowledge to assist them in making an educated decision on their roofing project. Reach out to us today!

Call us at 772-402-3879 today.

Vero Beach Roofer Replaces Damaged Roof

In Vero Beach FL, All Area Roofing & Construction is the trusted roofing company, and we’re happy to help improve neighborhoods with roof replacement or repair. A residential property owner in Vero Beach just called us with help with their older roof. We were able to schedule an inspection to figure out what repairs would be best for the property, and the inspection uncovered rotted decking under the existing roof. A damaged roof deck is a serious problem, and the client decided it would be better to replace the entire roof.

First we removed the existing roof all the way down to the decking, which is the foundation of the roof connected to supports in the attic. If a roof deck is rotted or unstable, it can cause major structural problems with the house, so it was good that the homeowner called when they did. Our crew replaced the decking and then sealed it with an underlayment, which protects the roof deck from moisture. Next we installed high quality architectural roof shingles, a custom roof edge, and galvanized roof vents.

The client was extremely happy with their new roof, and they thought the color of the shingles, “Sunset Brick,” matched perfectly with their home exterior. We were able to get the roof replaced quickly as well, and we always remove all debris and leave every job site clean.

If you have a damaged roof or need a new roof in the Vero Beach, FL area, All Area Roofing & Construction are the ones to call. We’ll work within your budget and help you protect your property with a new roof, gutters, or whatever you need.

Vero Beach Shingle Roof Replacement Project Photos

What Airport Do You Fly Into For Port St Lucie, Florida?

When visiting Florida’s Treasure Coast area, tourists have their choice of local attractions in small, picturesque communities like Port Saint Lucie, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Hobe Sound, Palm City, and Jensen Beach. Visitors also have their choice of traveling options including interstate highways like I95, the Florida East Coast Railway, or air travel.

If you’re looking to fly into the Port St Lucie, Florida area, you need to set Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) as your destination when you purchase your ticket. Vero Beach Regional Airport serves smaller craft, but commercial air travel uses PBI. From Palm Beach International Airport, you can access all those small towns as well as local state parks.

Visiting Port St Lucie from Palm Beach

The city of Port St Lucie, FL is located about fifty miles north of Palm Beach. Driving from the airport, visitors only need to take the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 95 north through Jupiter, FL. This trip will only take about an hour.

Treasure Coast Roofing Experts Protect Port St Lucie Area Properties

In the area served by Palm Beach International Airport, All Area Roofing & Construction, the premier roofing and exterior construction company. As a locally owned company, we protect the property investments of our neighbors by offering quick roof repairs, restorations, new roof installation, and more. If you’re a property owner in and around port St Lucie, Florida, contact All Area Roofing & Construction today to see what we can do for your property.

Is Port St Lucie, Florida A Nice Place To Live?

From beaches to historic properties, the Sunshine State has a lot to offer not just visitors but residents as well. The community of Port Saint Lucie, Florida is no exception. Local attractions like beaches and parks, when added to a thriving economy and easy access to nearby metro areas, create a high quality of life for residents of Port St Lucie and surrounding communities like Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, FL. 

Port St Lucie, Florida Quality of Life

According to the 2010 US Census, Port St Lucie is the most populous city in the Florida county of the same name. Located along Interstate 95 between Miami and Orlando, the city is a transportation and commerce hub for the area. 

People who aren’t familiar with Florida’s Treasure Coast may not know why area residents enjoy this high quality of life. Let’s look at some of the local amenities that Port St Lucie, FL has to offer residents; factors include:

  • Beachfront properties
  • Historic homes and attractions 
  • High end resorts
  • Eclectic local and national brand shopping experiences
  • Fine dining with fresh, local ingredients
  • Protected greenspaces and nature centers
  • Public parks with beach access
  • Safe highways and public transportation
  • Opportunities for commercial growth

Protect Your Port St Lucie, FL Roof

Residents of Port St. Lucie and surrounding areas in Florida can rest assured their property will be taken care of by the roofing experts at All Area Roofing & Construction, Inc. We’ve been in the Port Lucie area for fifteen years and in business for over twenty, so we are dedicated to the satisfaction of area property owners. Whether you need storm damage repair or a brand new roof, contact us today for a consultation.

Roof replaced with Tamko Architectural shingles in Palm City

All Area Roofing & Construction had the opportunity to perform a residential roof replacement for a nice young couple in Palm City, Florida.

The couple who owned the home was ready to have their roof replaced because it was almost 20 years old. It was also beginning to show signs of wear, including curling shingles and some spots appeared on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. Although it wasn’t leaking yet, they wanted to take action sooner than later so it wouldn’t get worse.

The homeowners asked some of their friends if they had any residential roofing contractor recommendations for them to call and several told them to call us, so they did.  We went out for an estimate and discussed their current roof and what they wanted in a new roof. They decided on a shingle roof with red tones to compliment the color of their house.

The job was scheduled to begin two weeks out but we had an opening and were able to start the job the following week instead. Our crew arrived early on a Thursday morning and quickly tore off the old shingle roof. The decking was in good shape so we did not have to repair it at all. We had their new Tamko Architectural shingles installed by the end of the second day.

The couple was thrilled, saying they were extremely happy with the results. They gave us fantastic reviews on social media. Thank you for choosing All Area Roofing & Construction to put your new shingle roof on.


Palm City Roof Replacement Project Photos

Residential shingle roof replacement in Palm City, FL   Residential shingle roof replacement in Palm City, FL

Wind Mitigation Code Roof Replacement near Jensen Beach FL

We recently had the opportunity to take on a residential roof replacement job near Jensen Beach FL.  The client was ready to have a new roof installed. His current roof was reaching the end of its life span and he needed it to be up to Florida code. He was especially concerned about meeting wind mitigation code, which requires a roof be installed properly and pass the following areas of concern with proper roof covering, roof deck attachment, roof-to-wall attachment, roof geometry, opening protection and a resistance to secondary water.

He called us to express his concerns and to ask if we could install a roof up to code. We were happy to tell him that we were able to do just that, and scheduled the job to be done within the next week. The homeowner looked through our current list of roofing options and decided on the Cottage Red Certain Teed Shingles, which we installed the next week.

Our team arrived early in the morning and had the old roof off within a couple of hours. By the end of the day, we had the new roof on and all cleanup finished. The customer reached out to us to tell us that his roof looks amazing now and he is so satisfied with the results. We couldn’t be happier and are thankful you trusted us to perform your residential roof installation that is now up to Florida Wind Mitigation Code.

Curling asphalt shingles replaced with metal roof in Fort Pierce, FL

We completed another beautiful residential metal roof project in the Fort Pierce, Florida area last month.  The homeowner had an asphalt shingle roof that dated back to 2001. The shingles had started curling and there was also some previous patchwork. The homeowner realized that it was time to upgrade to a new roof.

The client is a client of our plumbing company that we use for repairs in our office. They referred him to us so he gave us a call.  He told us about the details about his roof and wanted to be sure his new roof would hold up well to severe weather and also last longer. We told him that metal roofing actually has a longer life than asphalt shingles and also stands up better to the elements. He liked what he heard and upgraded to a 26g galvalume 5v metal roof, which is one of the most durable metal roof panels on the market. We also installed new lead plumbing stacks and galvalume roof vents for him.

We showed up at the job mid-day Thursday to get started. Our crew worked quickly and efficiently and had the entire job finished before the end of day on Friday. The homeowner recently reached out to us to tell us how happy he was with our work and his new work. He still enjoys coming home to it at the end of the day even a month later.

Thank you for giving All Area Roofing & Construction the opportunity to install your new residential roof!