In Vero Beach FL, All Area Roofing & Construction is the trusted roofing company, and we’re happy to help improve neighborhoods with roof replacement or repair. A residential property owner in Vero Beach just called us with help with their older roof. We were able to schedule an inspection to figure out what repairs would be best for the property, and the inspection uncovered rotted decking under the existing roof. A damaged roof deck is a serious problem, and the client decided it would be better to replace the entire roof.

First we removed the existing roof all the way down to the decking, which is the foundation of the roof connected to supports in the attic. If a roof deck is rotted or unstable, it can cause major structural problems with the house, so it was good that the homeowner called when they did. Our crew replaced the decking and then sealed it with an underlayment, which protects the roof deck from moisture. Next we installed high quality architectural roof shingles, a custom roof edge, and galvanized roof vents.

The client was extremely happy with their new roof, and they thought the color of the shingles, “Sunset Brick,” matched perfectly with their home exterior. We were able to get the roof replaced quickly as well, and we always remove all debris and leave every job site clean.

If you have a damaged roof or need a new roof in the Vero Beach, FL area, All Area Roofing & Construction are the ones to call. We’ll work within your budget and help you protect your property with a new roof, gutters, or whatever you need.

Vero Beach Shingle Roof Replacement Project Photos