We recently had the opportunity to take on a residential roof replacement job near Jensen Beach FL.  The client was ready to have a new roof installed. His current roof was reaching the end of its life span and he needed it to be up to Florida code. He was especially concerned about meeting wind mitigation code, which requires a roof be installed properly and pass the following areas of concern with proper roof covering, roof deck attachment, roof-to-wall attachment, roof geometry, opening protection and a resistance to secondary water.

He called us to express his concerns and to ask if we could install a roof up to code. We were happy to tell him that we were able to do just that, and scheduled the job to be done within the next week. The homeowner looked through our current list of roofing options and decided on the Cottage Red Certain Teed Shingles, which we installed the next week.

Our team arrived early in the morning and had the old roof off within a couple of hours. By the end of the day, we had the new roof on and all cleanup finished. The customer reached out to us to tell us that his roof looks amazing now and he is so satisfied with the results. We couldn’t be happier and are thankful you trusted us to perform your residential roof installation that is now up to Florida Wind Mitigation Code.